Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Honeymoon Moments

Mine and Andy’s honeymoon was short yet magical. We only had a few days after our wedding and before school to take a little trip, but it was so worth it. We drove from Bakersfield, CA to Cambria, CA on a sunny December day. As we started to approach the coast,  the flat farm land of Kern County turned into rolling green hills. Once in Cambria, we relaxed into our little cottage cabin that was nestled in a hilly wooded neighborhood that overlooked the ocean.

After settling in, we took a stroll down the mountainside to Main Street where we browsed through various antique shops and art galleries. The next day, after a café breakfast on the patio, we took a drive along the coast and then experienced an amazing tour of the Hearst Castle. We then concluded our day by observing Elephant Seals on the beach.

On our last day in Cambria we took our time saying goodbye to the friendly neighborhood cat while we watched the New Year’s Parade. On our way back to Bakersfield, we stopped by Jack Creek Farms where we sampled apple cider, honey, and delicious homemade popsicles. It was so nice to just relax for a few days and take the time to soak in the beauty of the world.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fashionable Men

It makes me so happy when I see fashionable men. I believe there are three basic keys to being a
well-dressed man; (a)fit, (b)hairstyle, (c) shoes.

(A) Fit – I have a firm belief that most of the time the print or color of a piece of clothing doesn't matter if that article of clothing doesn't have a good fit. Sometimes men may feel overwhelmed by all the different elements of creating a good outfit, but if you can find clothes that fit well, that is a perfect place to start. Also, if you are having a hard time, don’t be afraid of taking some of your clothes to a tailor. Sometimes people think that getting something tailored is expensive, but most of the time it is not.

(B) Hairstyle – I know hairstyle doesn't have anything to do with clothes, but it is what features your face, so it better be good. Find a hairstyle that works well for your hair type and face shape. And if you are going bald and there is no way of hiding it, my opinion is that you should embrace it and just shave the rest. There is nothing worse than a comb over. A shaved head can look cool!

(C) Shoes – Last but not least, shoes are what completes an outfit and more importantly it can make or break an outfit. To clarify the concept, if a man wore his Armani suit with a pair of New Balance sneakers, he wouldn't be taken seriously. There is a shoe for every occasion and with each outfit, there is a shoe out there to complete it.

Photo taken from Jak and Jil.
Photo taken from The Satorialist.
Photo taken from The Satorialist.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Age of Bliss

As you may have noticed, I love almost anything vintage.  For me, there is charm in knowing that the vintage accessory or piece of clothing you are wearing is one-of-a-kind. And because your special vintage item was made 20+ years ago, you most likely will not run into anyone else wearing it.

 My sister Anna runs a vintage etsy shop called Age of Bliss that sells clothing for men, women, and children, as well as other various vintage items that happen to be awesome. Recently, a pair of children’s pants from Age of Bliss was featured on Heart and Habit(a kids style blog). Additionally, Age of Bliss' “camp shirt” was featured on Lucky Magazine’s website hereBesides the fact that Age of Bliss has a variety of cool unique styles, their prices are great for those of us who have tight budgets.

Here are a few of my favorite items from the shop. I can’t decide on which one to get!
Buy this item here!
Buy this item here!
Buy this item here!
Buy this item here!
Buy this item here!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Official Wedding Day Outfit Post

Some of my favorite moments from the wedding festivites.

{Emily wearing: Vintage dress from Deseret Industry and homemade veil} 
{Andy wearing: itailor suit, Kenneth Cole Reaction dress shirt, and TOPMAN tie}
{Emily wearing: Donna Karen NY tights, shoe clips from finkshop on, and Jen & Kim for Coloriffics shoes from} 
{Andy wearing: shoes from Original Penguin}
{Wearing: Vintage peacock brooch from Decades, ring from Macy's Jewelry and Co.}
{Wearing: Forever 21 earrings}
{Wearing: Vintage fur stole from Decades}
{Wearing: Peacock patterned cuff links from}
{Brooch on veil from Forever 21}
All Photography by Tracy Hill.