Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stairy Story

Finally, an ensemble featuring the satchel!  Do not fear there will be more to come...
All photos by Nathan.


Elaine said...

That satchel is AMAZING!! Love it. It the new AA fanny pack :)

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e.bliss said...

Thank you! I have been obsessed with it lately haha.

Anna K. said...

I am in love with Lemon Leaf. I just blogged about it so more of the world can enjoy. Don't ever stop! I need some clothing ideas! LOVe you!

Melissa said...

I love Lemon Leaf too! Emily, I want to use your fashion ideas but then I am like "oh no i will be a copy cat" but I have copy catted you lots of times and you made this blog for us to all copy cat you and so I will cut fringes on at least one shirt of mine.