Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Horror

I went to a Halloween party and few of my friends recognized me because I looked so creepy...consequently not a lot of socializing went on.  I resorted to hiding in, and then stumbling out of closets hoping to make someone jump. 
{I had this dress prior to deciding that I would use it as part of my costume but haven't worn it.  I'm thinking about hemming it.  Ideas?}
{I'm a zombie pioneer in case you couldn't figure it out.}

P.S. If you want to see a better photo of the zombies framed next to me, look here.

All photos by Nathan.


Jessica Elizabeth said...

Your costume was BOMB girl. So CREATIVE!!!

Rose said...

wow, I love your costume! I think this is deffinately one of the best ive seen. You really do look scary :)


Sarah Bliss said...

Awesome costume:) It's always fun being something bloody for Halloween.
And I think the dress would look great hemmed!